Gentle Baby Solutions

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An e-course designed specifically for infants from birth to 24 weeks old.

What is included:

  • Week by week, we'll walk you through the first 24 weeks of your baby's development.
  • You'll get unlimited access to more than 50 gentle sleep shaping tips to help you pave the way for sleep coaching once your child reaches 6 months of age.
  • To support you during this new and challenging stage of parenting, we include over 3 hours of webinars, 12 infant focused podcasts, and 24 weeks of on-point bonuses. We cover all of your concerns including sleep, crying, feeding, and behavior.
  • Membership in our private, online Momversation group where you can connect with other parents going through this same e-course, as well as ask questions and receive support from a Gentle Sleep Coach® at anytime.
  • Plus for Gugu Concierge registrants EXCLUSIVELY receive "The New Mom's Sanity Saver: 8 Sanity Savings Tips for the First 6 Months" This short guide offers tips on realistic sleep expectations for your newborn and gives guidance on how to survive the first 6 months.