Emotional Fitness Training for Expectant and New Parents

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This class is for every new parent who wants the inside scoop on what it takes to parent like a champion and feel good doing it. Includes a 90-minute live, virtual class on emotional and social preparation for parenting, the Emotional and Social Side of Parenting Mentor's Handbook and early notification of La Shell Wooten live events and special promotions. Emotional Fitness Training will put your new parent worries at ease and have you well on your way to less-stress parenting.

The class and handbook will cover the emotional implications and tips on topics like:

  • How to recreate your life around the demands of your new boss (the baby).
  • Getting to know someone who doesn't talk. Is this bonding?
  • What to do when the uninvited guests show up. Managing fear, worry, and anxiety
  • We were so in love before the baby came: what is happening to our marriage
  • Where did my life go? Setting goals and managing expectation as a parent
  • Trusting your parenting instinct and other tips for swimming upstream
  • Managing going back to work guilt

...And much more.

The technical aspects of parenting are daunting for the most prepared parents. Making decisions about childbirth, diapers, breastfeeding, pediatricians, sleep training, cribs, strollers, bottles, the daycare search and much more can send the best of us running for the hills. The emotions of parenting require a safe, knowledgeable place to talk and a cheat sheet to take with you on the journey. While this virtual class is helpful to all parents, we suggest that expectant parents take the class during their third trimester and new parents take it as soon as they can stay awake long enough to participate for 90-minutes.

Registration is valid for two participants with the use of one virtual class login. La Shell Wooten reserves the right to reschedule the class due to circumstances that make the class non-viable. Any cancellations by registrants or registrants who elect to miss the scheduled class will forfeit 50% of the class cost. Payments and refunds with transact through the provided PayPal or Venmo links.