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Need help preparing for baby but don't know where to start? Gugu Concierge is here to help. Our experts will work with you to build you the exact list of essentials that is highly personalized to your specific needs. Skip the stress, the hours and hours of online research and walking through the baby super stores - just leave it to Gugu Concierge.

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Your professional Baby Planner will scour the web to deliver you a personalized list of baby must-haves, saving you the hours you would have to spend researching online or walking the aisles at an overwhelming baby super store. All of Gugu Guru's professional baby planners have completed rigorous professional training. What’s more? From Etsy to the big box to restaurants and more, we curate from everywhere, so you’re not limited in your choices. 

And the help doesn't stop at registry! From lactation support to sleep coaching and so much more, we'll have you covered every step of the way.